INDIOU DIscover INside and OUtside

My name is Nadine Strobl and i was born in 1986 in Austria/Salzburg This is everything you have to know about my past :­D Let's show you a part of my life, what i am doing now ? Now i mainly  work as a yoga teacher in Greece with my lovely clients in small group classes up to 5 people.

Yoga fascinated me from the beginning I got in touch with it. I also do my Energetic Bodywork ­ Massage and the Potami treatments and its always a great pleasure to work with the individuals. Each one of us is unique! The real passion for climbing, hiking, mountaineering and the joy to be out in the nature, I found here in Greece where i live now. I want to show you the beauty and the possibilities in the Inside and Outside which are always connected. Let's meet and do some steps together and learn and share from each other.



My name is Kostas Tsoukleidis and I was born in 1965 in Athens/ Greece. I remember myself in my very early years having a good time exploring and getting lost inside forests or climbing whichever rock I found. Nature for me has always had an irresistible charm. Later I discovered that other people have the same feelings too, that's why I decided to be part of this world.

I started climbing and mountaineering courses in 1982. From then a personal process started and is still continuing. I became a mountain guide in 1995 and this was a natural result of love, passion and experience. When I met Nadine I learned about awareness, my inner self and how to love him. The combination of ' inner and outer ' is exciting for me.