INDIOU DIscover INside and OUtside
Energetic Bodywork ­ Massage

It is an holistic therapy where I work especially on the physical body with different mobilization, stretching and massage techniques.
At the same time I work with the powerful light from the angels in the new Energy.
Your vibration increases and it is easier for you to find old patterns.
Our physical condition does not just come unexpectedly, instead it's a creation of our unnoticed thoughts, beliefs and emotions like fear, anger or sadness.
These are first stored in our energy bodies and can lead us in an imbalance. If it stays unnoticed, they manifest in our physical body and can therefore cause unpleasant symptoms.
The energy bodywork massage can help us transform inherited liability and create space for new.

Our body is an important element in our development and the body always do the best. Sometimes we should thank it and doing good, in what way ever!