INDIOU DIscover INside and OUtside
Energie Therapies
POTAMI® therapy awareness and transformation

In the POTAMI® treatments you get this support, which is becoming the impulse and gives you power to change for the simple and easy development in the awareness of the new energy.
Each POTAMI® treatment causes that, your vibration in the ethereal and the physical body increases. The powerful light of the angelic levels are flowing through your higher self into you and you recognize the old influences and patterns that still prevent you to integrate and live the new awareness and you start to transform these.
This encourages your conscious, individual and easy development in the new energy, the new awareness and your light body process.
Not redeemed themes block the free flow of your energy and limit your development. The higher self can start to lead you and your exercise is to allow your higher guidance to integrate them more and more into your life.

Awake your creator potential and live the paradise on Earth !!!