INDIOU DIscover INside and OUtside
Yoga in the new energy
Calm and be deep within you.

The feeling of the body, inner awareness and connecting to our heart, help to understand our real self.
Achieving the communication between the soul and body is a learning process about ourselves and accepting the world within and around us, consciously be the creator of life.
The body and soul language is a spiritual experience that is not based on rules and definitions.
The synchronization of body, mind and soul can offer you a deep experience.
Yoga in the new energy is guided through my higher self and the energies of the lovely various angelic levels.
These brings yoga on a new level which helps us to open our hearts to gaze inward and thereby blockages which prevent us from our development, come faster to the surface.
Become free from old concepts and illusions, which leads us right to ultimate freedom - inside and out.

Our honest willingness, sincerity and love for ourselves is the key of transformation and change !

We offer:
Group classes, personal training, workshops and yoga holidays. Yoga mats are provided